Key Opinion Leader: Mike Ainsworth on EthOss


"I have been an exclusive user of synthetic graft materials in my practice since 2007. In this time I have tried may different products with various compositions.  Over time I settled on a combination of materials that provided flexibility and great natural bone formation.  I however found myself modifying these materials with the addition of different layers or minerals in order to gain the response I desired quite often. 

I have been using EthOSS for some time now and can honestly say I am still surprised at how good the results are with every case I uncover. The manufacturers of ethOSS have arrived at a percentage combination of CS and BTCP and particle size that is not just slightly better than the previous products, but a significant step forward.  I think that ethOSS is the most important breakthrough in grafting since I started placing implants. The results are astounding".


Dr Michael Ainsworth BDS.


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Thanks for being on point and on taetgr!

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