Key Opinion Leader: Peter Fairbairn
Dr Peter J M Fairbairn – Visiting Professor of Department of Periodontology and Implant Surgery at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry

Dr Fairbairn graduated from the University of The Witwatersrand in South Africa in 1981 and after working in hospital positions came to the UK in 1985 to work in the NHS.

Peters interest in aesthetic dentistry began in 1986 he has since become a world expert in the treatment of complex cases, specifically extreme high lip-line cases. This is caused by a variety of factors and often needs a multi-disciplinary approach.

Peter has spoken globally on this issue and the protocols for solutions as well as writing a chapter in the best selling book the Art of treatment planning published in 2009 as well as writing numerous journal articles.

Peter has spoken at the BACD (UK) and ESCD (European) cosmetic dentistry association forums as well as the IAAFA conference.

After developing an interest in Implant dentistry in the late 80s he enrolled in the Intoss course and under the mentorship of Dr. Barry Edwards and began placing Implants in 1991. He now places over 400 Implants a year most of which are DIO ( ) , with whom he is a Key Opinion Leader.

In the last 9 years his main interest has been the development of synthetic graft materials and the refining of surgical techniques to optimize their benefits. These benefits include lower post operation pain and not needing to use donor, either animal or human graft materials or the need to harvest bone from the patient which can induce extreme pain on the patient.

Peter has spoken widely throughout the world in over 20 countries from Delhi and Beirut to Cape Town on this topic. With over 30 journal articles and research papers as well as a chapter in a book on synthetic grafting techniques he has become a true authority in this arena.


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