Thank you DIO!

"For that last 20 years I have placed more than 8000 dental implants of versions brands such as: Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Ankylosis, Implant Direct, Sweden Martina and many more. I used DIO implants a few years ago and place around 10 dental implants. I was really amazed with it but as I had many implants in the stock and changing system is not easy for surgeons I preferred to use what I had. Big mistake.

I was hit by more failures despite my more experience and further education, until a few weeks ago when I called DIO Dentala again and started placing DIO. I have to say that not only do I have no regrets but I have also got my confidence back.

The engineering design of implants is based on many interrelated factors, including the geometry of the implant, mechanical properties, and the initial and long-term stability of the implant-tissue interface. The effects of the biomechanical aspects of dental implant design on the quality and strength of osseointegration, the bone–implant interface, and their relationships to the long-term success of dental implants. There is no one “optimal” design criterion. However, implants can be engineered to maximise strength, interfacial stability, and load transfer by using different materials, surfaces, and thread designs. Limited information is currently available in addressing how implant thread design influences the overall implant success but the experience of the surgeon says it all in my opinion.

It feels so good and comfortable to work with DIO. Primary fixation is great and I haven’t had any early failures at all. Sometimes you get bone growing over the implant but is that really a disadvantage? It just shows how good the implant integrates. To avoid that just connect the healing abutment immediately and you will has great time 2-3 months later for impressions.

The most important thing about DIO is the friction lock. It means no more loose screws, which really are a pain and time consuming, not to mention the unhappy patients.

I have to say my most successful implants I ever placed among the 8000 has been the 10 DIO implants I placed a few years ago. They have been reviewed and they keep looking better than day one.

In one simple sentence:



 Thank you DIO!






Dr Sam AfsarDr Sam Afsar

Implantologist & Oral Surgeon

Cosmetic Dentist, GDC: 74248 

Sam qualified from the University of Karolinska-Stockholm-Sweden in 1998.

Sam is well trained in all areas of adult and child dentistry with a focus on cosmetic smiles, implantology and full mouth rehabilitation. He has been an accredited implant surgeon since 2003 with excellent records in successful dental implants, from single to multiple and also the most complicated cases including soft and hard tissue grafting and regeneration techniques.

He has also been awarded a Masters Degree (with distinction) in aesthetic dentistry from Kings College London.

Sam is a part-time clinical teacher at Kings College London. He is also certified in orthodontic treatment using INVISALIGN and CLEARSTEP. He is skilled in treating nervous patients with his gentle technique and, if necessary, by using sedation.

Sam has also been trained and certified in anti-ageing treatments. He has treated many patients using Botox and Dermal Fillers over the past ten years. In addition to his clinical practice, Sam is involved in research at Kings College London.

In the UK, Dr Sam Afsar works at the following clinics:

Putney Dentists

Royal Arsenal Dentists



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