Dental implant abutments for UF(II) and SM implant systems from DIO Implant.

Chose from a range of cemented (straight), angled abutments, gold, cobalt chrome and plastic UCLA abutments, abutment analogues, multi-unit and conical abutments, ball abutments for overdenture restorations, 'All-On-Four' and more.

DIO SM & UF (II) Conical Abutment Driver
DIO SM and UF (II) Conical Abutment Analogue
DIO SM Conical Abutment
DIO SM Conical Abutment Healing Cap
DIO SM Conical Pick-up Impression Coping
DIO UF (II) & SM Temporary Cylinder
DIO UF(II) Pick-up Impression Coping