Octa, Conical, Multi-Unit and Ball Abutments

Overdenture retained abutments for DIO UF(II) and SM. Octa, Conical and Multi-Unit abutments can be used for 'All-ON-Four' restorations and other overdenture approaches. Ball abutments provide a convenient way to attach dentures to dental implants.

DIO SM & UF (II) Ball Abutment Analogue
DIO SM & UF (II) Ball Cap
DIO SM & UF (II) Gold Cylinder
DIO SM & UF (II) O - Ring
DIO SM & UF (II) Octa Abutment Analogue
DIO SM & UF (II) Octa Plastic Cylinder
DIO SM & UF (II) Retainer
DIO SM & UF (II) Temporary Cylinder
DIO SM and UF (II) Conical Abutment Analogue