Dentala is a 'people first' dental implant-specific distribution company. From our conception back in 2009 to our operations today we have always put people above products. We care about our customers and the patients on the receiving end of their care. We want to ensure that the best quality implants are available at the best prices.

Dentala is one of the UK's most innovative Implant-focused dental companies. Dentala provide the best quality, cost effective implant solutions in order to restore the smiles of thousands of people across the UK. We specialise in industry leading DIO implants, with unparalleled manufacturing standards and are at the cutting edge of new and emerging biomaterials.

Iain Forster of Dentala being interviewed about company products (DIO Implants, EthOss biomaterials and BienAir implant motors) and their company ethos at The Dentistry Show exhibition.


DIO Dental Implant System

DIO Implants is a global enterprise in pursuit of human happiness and healthy living.

Exporting to 70 countries worldwide and with 28 years of history in precision manufacturing technology, DIO is recognised for superior technology and premium quality implant production.

With the recently launched product & R&D centre DIO is committed to strengthening the standards of the global dental implant industry to become the top world-class brand for dental implants.


"Like many established industries, the dental industry is a slow moving beast. The uptake of industry-changing innovations such as new biomaterials and their application can be painfully slow and comes at the expense of costs incurred by implant surgeons who need time to develop confidence in new techniques and equipment, with an aim to improve patient care. Dentala aims to give implant dentistry the support it needs to make the transit into the future, and to keep it up to speed with new technologies and techniques.” - Iain Forster (Founder, Dentala

Though fostering change in a well-established industry is arduous and risk intensive, Dentala holds a strong position in the implant surgery industry. An evolving company, Dentala's next steps see the continued expansion of their state-of-the-art product range and developing Dentala’s service provision to the industry to include hands-on training in implant surgery, hosting knowledge-sharing events amongst practitioners and sharing case-based resources for complex cases from field leading surgeons as a source of inspiration and best practice.

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