DIO SM Dental Implant 



Machined Surface

The O.3mm machined surface on the top part of the implant enables to ensure the apparent implant insertion depth. Following implant placement, it functions as 'Platform Switching' since the soft-tissue and bone naturally heal over the implant.

Double Thread - Cortical Bone Fixation

Double thread is designed to prevent damage to the cortical bone. It enhances the initial stability and provides the function of preventing cortical absorption from bacterial infection.

Body Thread - Cancellous Bone Fixation

The streamlined body-thread of the screw is designed to avoid bone fracture under inserting pressure. As the double - thread is connected to the tapered body-thread, it supports the primary stability

Widely designed pitch distance can endure the inserting pressure due to the sufficient support from bone structure.

Cutting Edge

8mm and 10mm implants have a single cutting edge, 12mm and 14mm implants have dual cutting edges on both sections; the double-thread and the body-thread, these cutting edges are designed to minimised the bone resistance and to facilitate easy self-tapping as well as primary stability.


The apex profile facilitates ease of insertion, reduced potential run-out and minimised bone resistance.