True biological biomaterials lead to natural tissue restoration. At present, tissue engineering approaches rely on synthetic scaffolds that are generally resorbable as a means of managing tissue development.

Dentala are proud to promote 'ethical' biomaterials for true bone regeneration. By this we mean there is no bovine (cow), porcine (pig) or human content in the biomaterial particulate. Therefore bone is regenerated with the help of the biomaterial - bone which does not contacin xenografts or allographts.

Grafting defects in dental defect sites should be as simple as possible, cost effective to the surgeon and patient and allow for efficient, painless healing.

The images on the right illustrate the bone regeneration achievable using DIO SM implants and EthOss synthetic bone grafting biomaterials. The implant was placed after 12 weeks of healing. Human histology at 12 weeks has shown 50% vascularised new bone is formed at this stage. In this case Osstell ISQ readings of 80 were observed - that's very high indeed!

EthOss Synthetic Bone Graft Site Before Healing Defect Before Grafting

EthOss with DIO Implants after Synthetic Bone Regeneration Grafting Defect After Grafting



Protocol for Bone Augmentation with Simultaneous Early Implant Placement: A Retrospective Multicenter Clinical Study

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